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Get Involved by donating

If you want to get involved by helping us fund this project, you may select a donation amount of your choice, and whether you want your name to be shown publicly in the Recent Donations.

Donating now will give you full access to the game when it is available.

The current minimum donation amount to get access to the game is USD 5.00 and will increase to USD 10.00 in March of 2018.

You may otherwise make an anonymous donation via cryptocurrency

Donate via

If you prefer not spending money for now, you may simply mine Monero for us and leave it running for the night.


Recent donations
Username Amount
Turkley $ 5
Steinman $ 20
crasylap $ 5
noah.tribe $ 5
Blues $ 15
Steinman $ 20
whiteknight $ 5
[ anonymous donor ] $ 15
Steinman $ 100
[ anonymous donor ] $ 15
noah.tribe $ 15
BarbarrossaNA $ 5