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Galaxy4D is a Realistic full-scale multiplayer SpaceSim

Technical Features

  • Full scale Galaxy with more than 100 billion stars*
  • Trillions of realistic size planets you can walk on*
  • Immersive first person game with great graphics
  • Seamless transitions between surface and orbit
  • No skybox, Everything you see, you can touch*
  • Play Solo, with friends or hundreds of people
  • Walk anywhere and interact with everything
  • Real-time orbital physics for EVERYTHING
  • A truly interactive multiplayer open world
  • Navigate freely at unlimited velocities
  • Build your own habitat, rover, spaceships
  • Real thermodynamics and space physics
  • Electronics and In-game programming
  • Very complex build/crafting system

The eight commandments of Galaxy4D

  • Thou shall obey physicsWe do not sacrifice realism for gameplay. Real laws of physics are applied !
  • Thou shall have to striveThis game is based on real science, we don't underestimate our players
  • Thou shall assist friendsCOOP is preferable over PVP, this is not a shooter
  • Thou shall not hit a wallEverything you see is accessible, without limits
  • Thou shall not see a skyboxWhat you can see, you can touch !
  • Thou shall not see "Loading"Seamless transitions, no loading screens
  • Thou shall be within thy selfFully Immersive first person view and no useless overlay
  • Thou shall not seek liesEverything has an actual realistic purpose, no fake stuff.

All technical difficulties are already solved, we're now working on the gameplay !
Pre-Alpha is now released ! Click here to buy the game
For current dev status, see our Roadmap

Note: This game is not for everyone, it's for people who like to fully challenge their intellect.

  New videos + interview
Posted by: x3DCoder - 2017-11-14, 20:00 - Replies (12)

Hi, we have just published new videos on Youtube ! 

Here is an interview with CobraTV : 

Flying off from ground to space using the "space drone" : 

Here is 20 minutes of gameplay for testing the character physics : 

For those who want to skip directly to the action : 
Day-night cycle timelapse : 3:08
Flying from one mountain to another : 10:25
Sliding down the mountain and jumping off cliffs : 14:08

Continue reading..

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