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Galaxy4D is a Realistic full-scale multiplayer SpaceSim

Technical Features

  • Full scale Galaxy with more than 100 billion stars*
  • Trillions of realistic size planets you can walk on*
  • Immersive first person game with great graphics
  • Seamless transitions between surface and orbit
  • No skybox, Everything you see, you can touch*
  • Play Solo, with friends or hundreds of people
  • Walk anywhere and interact with everything
  • Real-time orbital physics for EVERYTHING
  • A truly interactive multiplayer open world
  • Navigate freely at unlimited velocities
  • Build your own habitat, rover, spaceships
  • Real thermodynamics and space physics
  • Electronics and In-game programming
  • Very complex build/crafting system

The eight commandments of Galaxy4D

  • Thou shall obey physicsWe do not sacrifice realism for gameplay. Real laws of physics are applied !
  • Thou shall have to striveThis game is based on real science, we don't underestimate our players
  • Thou shall assist friendsCOOP is preferable over PVP, this is not a shooter
  • Thou shall not hit a wallEverything you see is accessible, without limits
  • Thou shall not see a skyboxWhat you can see, you can touch !
  • Thou shall not see "Loading"Seamless transitions, no loading screens
  • Thou shall be within thy selfFully Immersive first person view and no useless overlay
  • Thou shall not seek liesEverything has an actual realistic purpose, no fake stuff.

All technical difficulties are already solved, we're now working on the gameplay !
Pre-Alpha is now released ! Click here to buy the game
For current dev status, see our Roadmap

Note: This game is not for everyone, it's for people who like to fully challenge their intellect.

  Welcome to the new Forum !
Posted by: x3DCoder - 2017-10-31, 19:30 - Replies (6)

Galaxy4D is back, starting with a new Website !

We are sorry that we have been inactive for the past two years, but rest assured the project was not abandoned. 

Our previous forum and public announcements gave us a greater understanding of what passionate people really want in a realistic space game. 

We have been secretly working on Galaxy4D's Engine for the past year, starting from scratch with new technologies and an even more aggressive approach to realism, and we can't wait to show you the results !

In the mean time, we are proud to announce our new website, with an all new Forum where you can discuss with us and other passionate people about Galaxy4D and other Space related subjects !

Please note that for the purpose of starting from a clean sheet with better technologies, your registration on the old forum has not been automatically migrated to the new one, hence you might want to register again. 

We hope you'll enjoy the new website and our new developments !

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