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Welcome to the new Forum ! - ZOlivier - 2017-10-31

Galaxy4D is back, starting with a new Website !

We are sorry that we have been inactive for the past two years, but rest assured the project was not abandoned. 

Our previous forum and public announcements gave us a greater understanding of what passionate people really want in a realistic space game. 

We have been secretly working on Galaxy4D's Engine for the past year, starting from scratch with new technologies and an even more aggressive approach to realism, and we can't wait to show you the results !

In the mean time, we are proud to announce our new website, with an all new Forum where you can discuss with us and other passionate people about Galaxy4D and other Space related subjects !

Please note that for the purpose of starting from a clean sheet with better technologies, your registration on the old forum has not been automatically migrated to the new one, hence you might want to register again. 

We hope you'll enjoy the new website and our new developments !

RE: Welcome to the new Forum ! - dahunn - 2017-11-01

Great can't wait for what you have to show. I'm excited.

RE: Welcome to the new Forum ! - Doctor06 - 2017-11-01

Can't wait to see new videos about the new tech.

RE: Welcome to the new Forum ! - CobraTV(COBRAT.V.) - 2017-11-03

Cobra TV here! Cant wait to see what this is all about!

RE: Welcome to the new Forum ! - PutThatCookieDown - 2017-11-16

Super excited to see more about this game. Looks very promising and the fact that it apparently already has Co-op and orbiting planets, 1-1 scale galaxy, realistic and harsh physics,etc.

Really cant wait to see more!

RE: Welcome to the new Forum ! - noah.tribe - 2017-11-17

Really looking forward to this game, keep up the great work.

RE: Welcome to the new Forum ! - Nick - 2017-12-18

I can't wait!