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Question about donations

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If we donate 10 dollars, will we get two copies of the game? Or is that not how access works?
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A game copy is linked to a user on this forum.
Each user can only have one copy of the game, and it is useless to own multiple, since it will not be enforced by a license key but rather by user account, hence you can install it on multiple computers but only one must be logged in at a given time.

Basically, If your friend wants to have a copy, he must also register on the forum and make a donation, or wait for the final version and pay full price.

If for some reason (presentations, tests, invite a friend...) you may want to play using multiple computers simultaneously in multiplayer, you would still need to have different users. In this case you need to register yourself a couple of guest users and have them make a donation. We might implement a better solution when the Alpha is released tho.

You may give anything you wish, and you get access to the game if you have donated the minimum required (USD 5.0 as of right now, might increase in march or upon the next announcement).

When you "get access" to the game, it also means that you own a copy of it and that you will always have access to the latest version.
If you have the funds right now and you trust us to deliver a game that will reach your expectations, it is then a lot cheaper to donate in advance.

Hope it answers your question Smile
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