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Will this game have dedicated servers?


I have been actively following the development for this game on Trello, and a question was raised in my head; will this game be ran on a dedicated server(s), and if now how will everything work?

I suppose it's quite an obvious answer, as most multiplayer games have dedicated servers, but I suppose it never hurts to ask. Smile
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From the FAQ :
Q: Is it an MMO or can we create our own server to play with our friends ?
A: There will be a main server to play with the community, but you could also create your own private server.

More detailed answer :

There will be official MMO servers which users can select via the Game Launcher and play unlimited for free (after buying the game).

Further in the future of the game, other organisations will host their own servers and have their own community of players.

Any commercial hosting of the game will require a commercial license.
A commercial hosting license will authorize an organisation to charge monthly subscription fees to their players, and/or sell virtual or physical goods related to the game.

Otherwise, anyone who just want to play solo or host their private session to play alone with their friends in their own private universe, are able to do so with a standard access to the game.

The game executable also contains the server.

From the Launcher, you are able to select the following options :
* Play Solo
* Host & Play
* Direct connect (ip or domain name)
or simply select an official server in the list.

Also, one can start a headless server via command line (for instance: you are running a remote Linux server via ssh).

I hope this answers your question Smile
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Yes, that answers my question. thank you very much! Smile

By the way, I really should read more of the FAQ, haha.
I didn't choose this life. It was handed to me by the Universe.

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