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why not! A little blender fun

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Made another VFX of a Orbiter deltaglider sitting on my desk at home. Only thing is it is a illusion its not really there Wink 



How proficient are you with blender ?
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i dabble here and there. I spent alot of time trying to learn Kerbal Space Program modding using blender and unity. Its a hobby that im very intrested in. I have another account here https://www.youtube.com/user/Racerx7081/...shelf_id=0

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(2018-05-31, 01:05)ZOlivier Wrote: How proficient are you with blender ?

Now that i am at home at my computer i can answer your question in a little more detail. How proficient am I? I dont really know how to answer that question. The only way I can really answer it is to say I have been using blender since version 2.4x off and on through the years starting with orbiter space simulator back in around 2010 if not a couple years earlier. I know my way around the UI pretty well and have always been able to accomplish whatever goal or inspiration I had set for myself at the time. I learned basic modeling, constraints, cutting up meshes, etc to start with. Then learned how to animate parts of the mesh (ie landing gear, hinge joints,etc) Then later on UV unwrapping and texturing. I then bought a digitizer monitor that i could create textures by drawing directly on the monitor screen yiynova msp19u (similar to this one) i also bought a 3d mouse. Now i am playing around with VFX/CGI effects. What i know i learned from youtube tutorials and trial and error. i have been following this guy since last week and there is alot of different stuff I want to try out (im thinking of making a green screen for character rigging and animations.) But yeah i'm enjoying myself learning new things. I am also learning python and html/css just because i have always wanted to learn proper coding since the commodore 64 days and B.A.S.I.C. I hope this long post somehow answered your question. As a Field mechanic as my day job I just like to build stuff (a engine for example) and then after all the hard work and blood sweat and tears, you finally get to turn that key and hear that bad boy come alive Tongue It is totally worth it IMO

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