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Techdemo 2 - Demo ship teaser


The first Techdemo went really well, and we are now preparing the next one !

(In this video, graphics settings are set to Normal, which runs at a smooth 60 FPS with a GTX1060 at 1080p)

This ship is a VTOL SSTO and can carry 20 seated passengers plus a Buggy. 

Both the Pilot and Copilot can fly the ship. 

In this quick video I did not go to space for the purpose of keeping it short. 

During the Techdemo 2, we will invite everyone who have made a donation to play with us as passengers in this ship. 

Here's how it will go : 

We will takeoff from the surface of a planet similar to earth in size, go to orbit, navigate to and land on one of the planet's moons. 

For a short time while coasting towards destination at almost 30 kilometers per second, you will be able to unbuckle your seat belt and float around inside (and outside) the ship in zero gravity, before bringing everyone back to their seats and starting up the engines again to decelerate.  

Once landed on a moon, you will quickly learn that walking is a little more difficult in a considerably lower gravity environment. 

The demo should last about 3 to 4 hours. 

At the end of the demo we might let some people try to fly the ship if they're up for the challenge (Real VTOL flight physics and I personally fly helicopters in real life thus making it look a lot easier to fly in the video than it actually is). 

As for how the ship looks like from the outside, I will let your imagination go wild, and you shall see it during the demo Smile 

To participate in the next techdemo, you can donate/pledge 10 USD which will also give you full access to the game and all future releases. 

Here's our Trello Roadmap which also includes the date for the next techdemo : https://trello.com/b/2BPytpD9/galaxy4d-roadmap
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This looks amazing, I can't wait!
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3 days left, I'm getting hyped! Hope everything is going smoothly and as planned and that no delays will be needed, but if that happens, it will hopefully be for the best! Really looking forward this second tech demo, this video already looks amazing!


Techdemo 2 was a success !
Here are some screenshots of the event on our facebook page :

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Donated, cannot wait to check the demo out. Looks awesome!

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