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Thoughts on No Man's Sky Next?


No Man's Sky's NEXT Update has been out for about two weeks now. What are everyone's thoughts on the major update?
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I feel like the new update is a little bit better, but everything has that same feeling of repetitiveness that the base game had. You go down to a planet. You look around at the creatures and plants. You get materials. You make fuel. You go to a new planet. Rinse, repeat, retarded. Even the missions get boring. Once you've upgraded your equipment enough, you've conquered the game. There is nothing else to do afterwards (besides being a dick to other players). What's worse is that most of the exotic planets are few and far between, and there are hardly any incentives for exploring. 

Please don't let this game be repetitive. I already have an endgame, and it will take years to achieve. No Man's Sky has no endgame. 

Also, the optimization is shit.

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