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An hour remains...


Everyone, I am just amazed at how far Oliver has come with the development of this game. Galaxy4D has improved so much since I joined the forums last year.

Now, with the Pre-Alpha releasing in an hour's time since this post, I am just so excited and happy, and I feel other things I can't even explain.

This awesome game has such a good future ahead of it, and this tight-nit community can, and hopefully will grow and introduce everyone to more space-fanatics and other people excited about Galaxy4D.

By the way, I do believe I must say this. I am not currently affiliated with Galaxy4D in any way, other than the fact that I've backed it and am very supportive of it. Either way, developer or not, I am still so excited for this.

To the future!

I didn't choose this life. It was handed to me by the Universe.

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