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Known issues


Installing the game

  • Installer triggers Windows 10 SmartScreen (blue security alert) because my Code Signing certificate does not have a big enough reputation with microsoft yet. Should fix itself with time as more people download the game. For the time being, just click "More Info" then "Run Anyways" and the game will still install correctly. Don't worry there is no viruses and my installer was not compromised. 

  • Issues with non-default install location : The installer does not ask for administrative privileges (Design decision for your confort and trust). It is not an issue if you install it in the default directory (appData), but if you want to install it in program files or elsewhere on the OS disk you will need to launch the installer with administrative privileges otherwise the game will not work. 

Starting the game (or changing settings)

  • Black Screen in full screen mode, sound still works. (Intermittent Unity Bug, impossible to fix)  Workaround : try another resolution or Disable Full Screen. (Instant fix: Alt+Enter to toggle full screen mode)

  • Error message related to bad monitor resolution switch, either when switching resolution or when starting the game. (Intermittent Unity Bug, impossible to fix). Temporary fix : In registry, delete keys related to the game (usually somewhere in HKey..../Software/Unity/Xenon3D/Galaxy4d...) and make sure your screen resolution is set to your monitor's native resolution, and select Maximum supported resolution in the game settings, then start the game again. Second possible workaround, disable Full Screen Optimisations in the game's executable in the game directory. Third possible workaround, try disabling full screen and forcing different resolutions. 

Graphics glitches

  • Dust particles not realistic on the surface of moons

  • Planets dont eclipse the sun(s) flares post-processing effects and dont cause shadows on other planets (Fundamental issue with the render pipeline in Unity, too much of a hack to override it in this version)

  • Weird and unstable shadows (Fundamental issue with the way Unity handles Cascading Shadows, my overridden shadow system got broken after updating to a new unity version, reverted back to Unity's shadow system for the time being)

Gameplay issues
  • Physics glitches inside vehicles (Fundamental issue with the way PhysX handles rigidbodies inside other rigidbodies, will need to override the entire physics engine)

  • Aerodynamics not working with ship ailerons, use RCS instead... spoilers are working fine. (Temporary decision for the demo ship otherwise it is too unstable at high airspeeds because of a limitation in how we can tweak PhysX with custom physics code)

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