The boring part of my work is writing a license agreement that nobody will ever read anyways, so lets make this quick and simple :)

So, for those who are actually going to read this before playing the game :

This is considered like a donation to help us fund this project, and is not refundable. If you're unsure just don't buy it !

The game you are installing is a Pre-Alpha release and IT COMES WITH BUGS !
Also, not all features are present in this version and the gameplay is very limited. Do not expect a fully featured space game with grass and aliens.

If you try to spam or hack the servers or the chat, I will literally kick your butt !!! (I mean in the game...)

To run this game you must be on Windows 10, 64bit (or maybe 7, 8, 8.1 but not tested yet, as long as its a 64bits architecture there should be no problem).
Your computer must also have a dedicated graphics card, hence it MUST be a gaming PC.
Trying to run this game on your mum's $300 netbook will not work well and might kill your kittens !

You are allowed to record or stream to your favorite video sharing platform, provided that your computer has decent graphics hardware capable of smoothly running the game at decently high visual settings and in a mature way, also mentioning its a Pre-Alpha.
If you have a crappy machine and post an uggly video on youtube (I mean of the game), I will NOT give you legal problems for that, but I might tell your mum !

If you have any problems running the game or you find any bugs, take a look in our forums or post your issue and we will help you.

Enjoy the game !